Sunday, October 14, 2007

Saturday England Triple

It is unusual to see 3 England teams looking for success in one weekend. But this weekend it happened.

First up was the Footie.

Rooney scores the second in a 3-0 comprehensive win over Estonia.

Second up was the Rugby Union World Cup Semi-Final against France. It looked like it was seriously going wrong until 5 minutes from the end old JW does it again and finished the match off. The Final beckons against the Argies or the South Africans.

Johnny safe foot Wilkinson does it again

And Finally it was the turn of the darts England team in the Darts World Cup semi final against the USA in the team event. Martin Adams, Tony O'Shea, John Walton & Steve Farmer took on the USA in the World Cup which involved 45 countries. Tomorrow they will take on the Netherlands in the Final.

Tony O'Shea the 'Silverback'

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Glynn said...

An extraordinary time for sport. We can all pretend we like Rugby now, for the next week anyway. Also, we can also pretend we like Formula One next weekend too!