Thursday, February 16, 2006

Boro march on in Europe

This week i've been mixing in with many Germans, Americans, Aussies and basically a mix and match from around the world in an exhibition in Maastricht. But i did enjoy telling our Germans friends how we would be taking them on after the expo finished on Thurday. I could have gone to watch, but would of involved a mad dash to Stuttgart after 5pm; car full of my pc's and a table which they stood on. Not a good idea, especially after walking what feels like a 100km these last three days pestering companies.

But the Boro are marching on after their, now historic, win over Chelsea and are beating Vfb Stuttgart 2-1 in the away fixture. Surely a ticket to the next round. Can we take it that stage further this year and get to the Semis. I think this may be our year.

I feel a song coming on....

Oh Boro my only Boro,
You make me happy when skies are grey,
I never noticed how much i love you,
You'll never take my Boro away!.

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